Dear Rotary friends,

On the flag of Dubrovnik, a symbol-city of the Croatian history and of the whole cultural heritage of the planet, is written LIBERTAS (liberty). My thoughts are leading me to the symbol of New York whose torch’s message is "Liberty Enlightening the World". This is just what we intend to do at our Institute, to bring and share the light of Rotary research and innovation by the presentations of the participant districts, by the words of the local and international personalities invited to this special event.

Freedom is connecting the world, Rotary the same. People are free to express their opinions, Rotary is helping them to act on behalf of these ideas, connecting the world by service and doing good across the globe.

Dubrovnik it’s not only a wonderful tourism place, is a connecting site of RI for leaders, their families, young people, everything in the Rotary spirit.

Let’s connect the world through the Rotary Institute from Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Come to Dubrovnik to witness a Rotarian connection with distinction!

Dear Rotary friends,

This year's Rotary Institute will be held in one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean – the historic Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Hundreds of years of successful history, undoubtedly intertwined with the magical beauty of Dubrovnik, took place under one particular flag.

The flag featured only one word: LIBERTAS. The theme of this year's Rotary Institute is LIBERTAS CONNECTING THE WORLD.

Libertas is a magical word that links the aspirations, thoughts, history, and especially the future of 36 countries which are a part of our Zone 21. These countries that have built their thousand years' existence on the foundations of FREEDOM.

At this year's Institute, you will have a chance to see and hear brilliant speakers who will talk about Rotary and the contribution of Rotarians to freedom and peace in the world. They will talk about their experiences, their dreams, but above all about the direction that strengthens friendships, that broadens the horizon of co-operation, creates closeness between nations and about love among people. And all of that has been a fundamental part of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL for more than 114 years.

However, the Rotary Institute in Dubrovnik will utilize the past to show you a way towards the future.

We invite you to participate in this interesting and challenging Institute, and to present your Rotarian ideas underneath the famous LIBERTAS flag.

Croatia and Dubrovnik are looking forward to welcoming you!